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Ensuring a fair, open and transparent process will result in better business outcomes

Howard Grant, President of PPI, originally conceived of the notion of "fairness services" to assist with the Ontario Government's Mobile Communications Project, which was tendered in 1998. Since that time, fairness has become widely adopted by many public sector organizations.

PPI is considered one of Canada's leading providers for Fairness Commissioners and Fairness Monitor services. Furthermore, recognizing the success of the Fairness Advisor role in Canada, PPI has been the leading sponsor for the creation of the International Association of Procurement Fairness Advisors (IAPFA), a not-for-profit corporation established to advance, promote and provide accreditation for the practice of fairness advisory in public procurement.

PPI Consulting Limited interprets fairness, openness and transparency in public sector procurement to mean:

  • recognition of the public-interest nature of the undertaking;
  • maintaining consistency with the public policy objectives underlying the initiative;
  • application of the fairness values and commitments expressed or implied in the solicitation documents, public-sector Codes of Conduct, Mission Statements, Statements of Ethics and non-discrimination rules which are intended to form part of decision-making related to the solicitation;
  • being consistent, even-handed and free of favouritism or bias in the treatment of vendors and other interested parties in the development and application of evaluation criteria and the assessment and selection processes, at all stages of the solicitation;
  • being straightforward, unambiguous, open and transparent about available information and how decisions are reached; and
  • the establishment of trust and goodwill with the vendor community.

Regardless of the type of project, in performing the role of Fairness Commissioner, PPI emphasizes three perspectives to ensure the integrity of the entire procurement process, specifically:

A compliance perspective:

  • Does the process align with applicable legislation, trade agreements, policy and practices?

A proponent's perspective:

  • Are the requirements clear, unambiguous and free of bias and favouritism?
  • Are the evaluation criteria and the evaluation and selection process clear, fair and transparent, unambiguous and free of bias and favouritism?
  • Were the disclosed criteria and processes followed?

A sponsor's perspective:

  • Are the sponsor's business goals, objectives and requirements clear?
  • Is the procurement process designed in a manner that will enable the sponsor to achieve this business outcome?
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